Outbound Marketing: 5 Tips for Success

Outbound marketing, or even interruptive marketing, several terms for one and the same concept: your outbound strategy. Or how to reach consumers through media advertising and in-person contact. Here in this article, we will talk aboutĀ Outbound Marketing 5 Tips for Success

Outbound marketing

The Outbound varies depending on whether the target is a large audience (TV advertising, freebies), totally personal (meetings, offer proposal) or “impersonally personal” (call or cover e-mails). With these outbound methods, leads are generated and followed by internal salespeople. Outbound marketing is an effective strategy to educate the public about its products and services.

Outbound marketing is often seen as an aggressive technique with a lot of spam. This is where lead qualification comes in. You must be able to identify the interest a customer has in your offer, in order to offer him at the right time a solution to his problem. The more qualified your bases, the more relevant your intervention will be.

There are many outbound marketing methods: advertising, emailing or telemarketing, television, print ads, direct mail, radio.

E-mailing is the most used because it is an integral part of inbound marketing especially through marketing automation.

Position your Outbound Strategy

  • Whose? Is this the most qualified person to answer your proposal? Does she control her budget?
  • Or? By which channels should I address my prospects? On which supports?
  • When? At what time of the year? At what time? What day?
  • How? At what pace? Why?

Outbound marketing implements the “push”, a specific tactic on a particular segment of the target to which a personalized and tailored marketing message is sent.

Highlight your competitive advantage, the benefits in your value proposition with the Outbound

  • Do not fall in too much, too much seller.
  • Tell exactly what you offer.
  • Why would our audience want to have it?
  • How should your audience get it? You must always propose a call to action.
  • If you sell a product based on the price then you must include it.
  • If it is a service, demonstrate its benefit to the user.

Capture the attention of your audience with the Outbound

We are constantly solicited by commercials. The attention devoted to the reading of the message decreases day by day, be it an advertisement, an email or an invoice.

Study what’s on offer in your industry to come up with something different that will catch the eye.

Engage your audience by stimulating their attention with relevant content.

Personalize your offer

Outbound marketing actions are mass actions whereas the ideal would be to propose an announcement on a case by case basis. The information the company holds about the prospect will play a crucial role in personalizing the message. Some sectors, including banks/insurance companies, hold a huge amount of information about their customers.

Knowledge of the buying behavior of prospects, their problems, allows Content Marketing to develop relevant content for the target audience (white papers, webinars, case studies, E-books, computer graphics, blog posts, reports external analysis, video motions, interactive presentations, ROI calculations, podcasts).

In addition to increasing the conversion rate of prospects into customers, Content Marketing is also one of the most effective SEO tactics.

A / B Test and really optimize your message

  • If possible, test several versions to find the most suitable for your business, your product.
  • Collect people’s opinions to see if your messages are engaging and arousing interest.
  • Analyze the returns and compare them to your original goals.
  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and ask yourself, why should I be interested?

Why did your ad fail?

If the test is inconclusive and you do not have an answer, review your ad by highlighting the customer’s interest in dealing with you.

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