Social Media: How to optimize your business strategy?

In 2017, 87% of marketers use social networks in companies: we can, therefore, consider that social media have taken their place in the marketing strategy of companies. They use them for several business reasons: generating leads (45%), obtaining customer recommendations (32%) or turning to social selling (27%). But defining a Social Media strategy is not always easy, so in this article, we will show how to optimize your business strategy on the Web.

5 key steps in defining your social media strategy

  1. Put your goals black on white: You must know how to define your desire to be present on social media: is it for the purpose of gaining popularity? Is it for the purpose of achieving more sales of products or services? Is your goal to create a link between the brand and the consumer?
  2. Determine which audience you are targeting, so you can address the right message. For this, you must establish a profile with socio-demographic data.
  3. Define / test/re-edit your editorial line: What message do you want to convey to your audience? What will be the theme and the key topics? It will then be necessary for you to respect this guideline in your daily productions while respecting your post structure. In general, the most effective are the short-term impacting statutes.
  4. Let your community grow: To spread your message, you need a community. And to create it, you need to target profiles and you tap on an existing network in a harmonious way, either organically or by buying advertising media (including Facebook or Twitter).
  5. Measure the KPIs: likes, clicks, shares, mentions … You must have the right tools to measure them otherwise you will be unable to refine your strategy. And that will not be relevant.

How to post on social networks?

For your social media strategy in B2B and in a logic of social selling, we advise you to focus on LinkedIn where there is a high concentration of companies. Owning a LinkedIn page is a real advantage for a brand, it allows him to improve his SEO and visibility.

Twitter is the ideal medium for conducting an informative and competitive intelligence watch. The added value of Twitter is its immediacy, with real-time information.

We also recommend you to be present on Facebook because it is a mass media, and you are likely to find your customers on this network despite the fact that you are a B2B company.

To create engagement, create original and visual content or video format.

On Facebook, in view of the general decline in reach due to changes in algorithms, you must now vary the content further. In particular to avoid tiring the community and create commitment. Today, the contents to be favored are more visual, immersive and video contents that are sufficiently impacting and relatively short (less than 1 min) than on the pure link (even if it is still necessary). To create engagement and traffic, your posts must be concise and contain between 90 and 150 characters on average and be posted around 15h, because there is a peak of activity at this time.

To optimize your audience on each social network, we recommend that you perform tests by posting your content at different times over several weeks. You will be able to adapt your schedules and maximize your commitment. He advises you to post during working hours and specifically between 17h and 18h on Twitter and 15h on Facebook, where there is a good scope to create commitment.

In future, social media content will be more and more immersive and videos. The bots will be more and more present and will be refined in their answers and requests. Social networks are not what they used to be, they evolve and will continue to evolve into conversational, also Facebook and Twitter are not dead, and still have a bright future ahead of them.

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